About Yugu

Development Path


The first charging pile”Xiaobanma” officially launched and installed


Start national strategic cooperation with the Meituan


Selected as "China Artificial Intelligence Town Key Recommendation Project"

Won "the most competitive brand in China's charging pile industry"

Won the "Best Consumer Satisfaction Brand in China Charging Pile Industry


Leader of industry standard

As the industry standard leader, participated in the development of smart charging station and battery intelligent charging and swapping cabinet technology, which established the leading position in this industry.


Successfully settled in more than 100 cities

Own hundreds of thousands of users

Allow us to have confidence to be the industry hero

Founding Team

R & D team

80’s as the core 90’s the main force

Active innovation, rich theoretical and practical experience

Project team

Resourceful experience

Professional custom design capabilities, product design and manufacturing capabilities

Sales team

Mature and experienced

Create maximum value for customers, open platform, flexible cooperation

Operations team

Covers operations, promotion and customer service

Rich experience in operation and promotion, providing customers with excellent, convenient and perfect services

Enterprice Honor

Dual software enterprise

Vice President Unit of Charging Pile Association

Charging “Xiaobanma” the most competitive brand

Charging “Xiaobanma” won the consumer satisfaction brand in 2018

Charging “Xiaobanma” platform software copyright

Charging “Xiaobanma” smart charging station software copyright

Charging station quality test report

Third party liability insurance policy