Charging “Xiaobanma” assisted Ningbo 119 fire activities


In order to further improve the fire safety awareness of the masses and continuously consolidate the mass base of fire prevention and control, the “119”firefighting publicity month and winter&spring fire prevention propaganda of Ningbo City event launching ceremony was held in the Cultural Square with the theme of “Focus on Fire Safety and Me” in the afternoon of November 9 .


“Xiaobanma” provide safe charging services to nearly 500,000 people in Zhejiang Province every day. As the second largest city in Zhejiang, Ningbo, “Xiaobanma” is duty-bound to take responsibility for safety firefighting. “Xiaobanma” participated in the “119 fire propaganda social welfare activities held in Ningbo, which not only strengthened and popularized the people’s awareness of fire safety in intelligent charging and changing systems, but also brought the distance between “Xiaobanma”, fire officers and soldiers closer.